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The Library owns over 550.000 bibliographics such as:

  • 6.103 Manuscripts and autographed copies, of which 568 are codex

more than 15,000 digital documents, such as microfilms of all Sardinian manuscripts and newspapers of the XIXth century
The largest and most complete collection of bibliographics from and about Sardinia
A large and important collection of ancient Spanish matter

Most valuable:
Among the Manuscripts:
Condaghe* of S. Maria of Bonarcado (XIIth-XIIIth cent.)
Condaghe of S. Nicolo di Trullas (XIIth-XIIIth cent.)
Synod of Santa Giusta (miscellaneous XIIIth-XIVth cent.)
Condaghe of S.Pietro of Sorres (XVth cent.)
Dante Alighieri The Divine Comedy (XIVth cent.)
Giovanni da Legnano Commentaria in Clementinas (XIVth cent.)
Carta de Logu** (XVth cent.)

Among  Incunabulus:
Carta de Logu (Carta de logu Typography, about 1480)
Among XVIth century editions:
Cattaneo Andrea, Opus de intellectu et de causis mimbilium effectuum (on perchment and illuminated) [Florence, not long after 1511]
Carta de Logu, Cagliari, Stefano Moretto's Typ., 1560
Auger Edmond, Catechismo o Summa de la religion christiana, Cagliari, 1566. (the first reliable datable work printed in Sardinia)


*Record of donations to ecclesiastical bodies under the Byzantines and in the XIIIth century, when Sardinia was divided into 4 areas ruled by Judges and Condaghes became a record of notarial acts.

**First record of Laws in Sardinia, promulgated by Eleanor of Arborea, the only female judge who ruled the Giudicato of Arborea (Western Sardinia) from 1383 to 1402La Biblioteca dispone di un patrimonio di: